Warrior Breed – Volume 1; Issue 1


So I’ve been asked A LOT lately, “What is Warrior Breed about?” It’s a hard question to answer quickly. For Instance, Invincible is a kid whose father is their world’s version of Superman. He finds out his father isn’t there to save the world, but to enslave it. Complications ensue. That was pretty simple, right? Well, Warrior Breed ain’t that simple.

First, let’s examine the universe this thing occurs in. It’s not our earth, not our history, but obviously looks like something similar to our past. That’s right, it’s familiar enough to us but just a little alien. There is past, present and speculative future technology in use. There are heavy fantasy themes and tropes. There are lots of martial arts, both reality based and wuxia. There are fantasy creatures playing important roles in this tale. Basically I took Star Wars, Jademan Comics’ Oriental Heroes, The Shaw Brothers’ Five Venoms, The Lord of the Rings and a BUNCH of African folk tales, threw them all in a blender and this thing popped out.

Lahmi Barzillai and Lucas Barak are in the military group known as The Celestial Order. They are charged with keeping the twelves realms safe from demonic enemy incursions. While doing this they often encounter strange creatures, odd local customs and deadly enemies bent on killing them then doing unspeakable things to their corpses. This particular story arc tells of them escorting Ennol Baratkin to safety after he’s been targeted for abduction.

This is set to go for six issues, 40 pages each. Please settle in and enjoy this read. It will be like nothing you’ve seen before. I know people say that all the time, but when was the last time you saw someone gather up an exsanguinated person’s blood, clean it of all impurities, revive it then place it back in the person’s body good as new?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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